Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY bow ties

With my son squirming away in my stomach, I can't help but think of my imminent future. What will he look like? What color hair will he have? Will he be a bookworm like his mom, or obsess over video games like his dad? But I do know one thing: he is going to be so cool. If I have anything to do with it at least. And what does any cool kid need? A bow tie. Obviously.

With so much cute DIY girl stuff out there, I was determined to find some cute, simple DIY boy stuff. That's when I stumbled upon this awesome tutorial on, where else, Pinterest. I decided to give it a go, and twenty minutes later I had made this:
And it was SO simple, I'm not even kidding. Like four stitches simple.

I won't go into the major details of how to make it--the tutorial can do that--but I can't stress enough how awesome it is. You need a minimal amount of fabric, it can easily be done by hand or with a machine, and it looks great every time! What's even better is you can mix up the fabrics and create some pretty cool combos! This particular tutorial uses clip-on earring backs as the clip on part of the tie, and it's basically genius. Because lets be honest, who doesn't have a few gaudy clip on earrings lying around. Just me? Maybe it's just me...

Not only will my little one rock this bow tie, it will match his space-themed nursery! And I LOVE when things match! I can't wait to use it for his newborn pictures and nerd him out a little, because, let us be honest, his parents didn't exactly sit at the "cool kids table." But we do know geek. His daddy was a firm believer in Formal Friday every day, so why not start the kiddo out with the same mentality? ;-)

In case you were wondering, I made six more. And they all turned out great! I may have gone a little bow tie crazy. But a fella needs options, right?
I can't wait to show off the little guy in his newest attire when he arrives.

Until next time, craftily yours,


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